Tax Preparation

Taxes can be confusing. Since 1988 I have been helping small businesses prepare their taxes. Of course we will prepare the owners’ individual tax returns as well, but the majority of our consultation and tax preparation work is focused on businesses. We have a staff of long time dedicated tax, payroll and bookkeeping professionals who take pride in the services they provide. Every year we attend seminars to update ourselves on the current tax laws and trends in the industry.

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A+ Bookkeeping Services

The IRS requires all businesses to maintain books. These books show your sources of income and business expenses. However, maintaining proper books requires time and effort. Many small businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time accountant. Save time, money and hassle. Let our team take bookkeeping off your hands forever. Focus on the important stuff and not the tedious daily chore of bookkeeping. Our rates are affordable.

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Remote Tax & Tax Resolution Services

Our educated, Tax Specialists provide excellent and prompt tax return preparation throughout the United States to individuals and businesses. From the convenience of your home, A+ Tax Services Remote Tax Service allows you to have your taxes prepared. You earned it. Accurate Tax filings. Maximized Deductions. Fast Return Credits. $ 30. off any Income Tax Preparation.

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A+ Online Payroll Services

A+ Plus Payroll Services Kendall. Built for businesses with 1 - 100 employees. Process Payroll in 2 Minutes - It is that EASY. We will automatically calculate, pay, and file the appropriate local, state, and federal taxes for each employee. Direct Deposit, Payroll tax administration, New hire reporting, 24/7 phone and chat support, Free mobile app, HR Management. You're Covered 100% Tax Filing Guarantee!

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Click here for the new Employee Self Service system, accessible through the A+ Payroll Portal, allows employees and payroll administrators to process their payroll in minutes and access their payroll statements and personal information on-line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also access your HR, benefits, time, talent, and other features.

For the help center number to get you started call 1-305-274-3316

Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 9:30 pm Eastern Time

A+ Plus Payroll Services Florida  Built for businesses with 1 - 100 employees.

Process Payroll in 2 Minutes - It is that EASY.   We offer basic human resources services, reliable payroll processing features and dependable payroll tax management.  

You can easily submit Express Payroll using the following amenities:

    Powered by SurePayroll, more info
    Mobile Payroll App
    Integration with most bookkeeping programs including Intuit Quickbooks
    Federal and State Labor Law Compliance
    Time Clock Integration
With Express Payroll, you can enjoy the following perks:

    Direct Deposit
    Payroll tax administration
    New hire reporting
    24/7 phone and chat support
    Free mobile app

Express Payroll will automatically calculate, pay, and file the appropriate local, state, and federal taxes for each employee.

When you hire a new employee or contractor, Express Payroll also automatically reports all new hires to the appropriate state registry to spare you a headache too.

Payroll Client Login

Regarding perks for your employees, they can easily access their payment history on the Express Payroll website. And, they can access the financial wellness program which provides several financial tools to help them improve their financial well-being.

Two other reasons to consider A+ Payroll includes Tax Pay & File Guarantee.
Rest Assured. You're Covered 100% Tax Filing Guarantee! and we also have a  great support team to answer your payroll questions. Some discount payroll companies cut corners in the support area to offer rock-bottom prices.

Our online payroll service automatically calculates, files and pays federal, state and local payroll taxes for you. Award-winning payroll experts are there to help if you have questions. At year-end, we prepare your W-2s and 1099s. 

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